You send us questions, we send out answers. If it's a common question we'll add it to this page - so please do check back here to see if this has been updated as more questions come through.

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Who is organising Yorkshire True Grit?

Yorkshire True Grit is organised by Andrew Wright – owner of Bikewright.com - and Deborah Goodall. Andrew is a Yorkshireman born and bred and has spent a good 40 years riding on these local trails. It is this combination of local knowledge and passion for cycling that has brought this event to life. Deborah has been riding trails in North Yorkshire (and beyond) for around 20 years - she too has great local knowledge, and a love for just getting out and riding. 

Am I fit enough?

The Outlaw is a challenging route; the Drive will also test your grit. The Stampede is still designed to test, but should be rideable by most cyclists.

Is the event insured?

Yorkshire True Grit Ltd has public liability insurance to cover the event. This does not cover personal injury as is typical for these event – if this is a concern then we recommend you take our personal insurance.

Can my under-16 ride with me?

We are getting a number of emails asking if under 16s can take part. Yes, they can on the Stampede if they are supervised by a responsible adult - preferably a parent for the entirety of the ride. The routes are challenging and feature a lot of climbing. The 20-mile route (the Stampede) does feature some potential short-cuts back if the ride is too much for the child (or adult!). There is a family ticket available - two adults pay and two kids go free! If your under 16 would like to take part in one of our longer routes, please contact us on info@yorkshiretruegrit.co.uk and we will discuss this with you.


Are there showers on the campsite?

No, we don't have showers on the "campsite" at High Paradise Farm. In reality it's not a campsite, it's a field and we will have some portaloos and there's access to cold running water but if you want a shower then you'll be better booking accommodation at High Paradise Farm, or buying a solar shower. If you're really desperate for a swill off after your ride, visit the Fenwick's Bike Cleaner stand, and we're pretty sure that Jon will give you a hose down!

How much is the entry?

Entry is £39.00 for any of the longer routes - one flat rate! Outlaw and Drive are all the same price. 

The Stampede is £20 - unless you do the Outlaw or Drive then you can enter the Stampede for just £10. 

Camping is extra and is bookable as you do your entry on SiEntries. 


What type of bike do I need? Is a gravel bike necessary?

The route has been designed so that it favours gravel bikes but it can be ridden on any off-road bike. We have classes for Gravel, MTB, FatBike, Singlespeed and Electric Bikes. We’d really just like you to come and enjoy the ride, whatever flavour of off-road bike you prefer!

Will I have to navigate?

The route will be signed at key points – and we will also be issuing a .gpx of the route in advance of the event. The map is issued at registration and forms part of the Kit List. In the event that you stray off-course or signs are removed you will need to navigate your way back on to the route. The maps will have key staff telephone numbers on. 


Do I need to bring food on the event?

This is very much an adventure challenge. We will have one support station on The Drive and The Outlaw. We will have some water and bars - however this is there as an emergency. You should carry your own food.  There will also be a mechanic stationed there and he will have a supply of inner tubes and other bits and pieces and will be able to assist you with mechanical problems should you need it. We recommend that you carry the food that you think you need to complete the event.


Is it hilly?

It's Yorkshire. Yes, it's hilly; It's called Yorkshire True Grit. Yes, it's hilly; It's a route designed by Andrew Wright. Yes, it's hilly.

If you're asking how hilly.....

The Outlaw - Very

The Drive - Fairly

The Stampede - Quite.


How long will the routes take?

The million dollar question. We would anticipate that a fast time round The Outlaw (60miles) would be around 4.5 hours – however if you are looking to enjoy the scenery then it might take up to 9 hours. We will have cut-offs in place – these are for your safety – so please, if you don’t make a marshall point by the specified time don’t take it personally.

The Stampede (20 miles) might take less than 2 hours, or might take all day if you want to enjoy the views. The Drive (40 miles) would take around 3-4 hours or up to 9 hours.


Will I need lights?

In 2016 the weather was, er,....poor. Those with lights used them. We'd suggest that you have a flashing rear light for use on the tarmac road sections as a minimum. 

Can my family and friends support or watch en route?

We’d love you to bring your family and friends to enjoy the weekend. As much of the route is on private land no spectators are permitted so this is a self-supported event.

Can I bring my dog with me?

High Paradise Farm Tea Room and the surrounding fields that we are using for the event are dog-friendly. However, you can not leave your dog in your vehicle whilst you go cycling! If you are bringing your pooch, please make arrangements for them to be looked after whilst you are out on the Moors. Your dog can not accompany you on the trails due to the livestock and ground nesting birds.