As the weather starts to turn from Autumn to Winter you’ve no doubt noticed that riding your bike becomes a bit more tiring than normal as the cold starts to bite. We have been thinking about the kit list for Dark Skies and whilst we appreciate you’ll want to get round as quickly as you can, we want you to get round as safely as you can. The kit list is quite comprehensive (and we reserve the right to update it, this version is 27.11.2017). 

We will be performing kit checks at registration. No kit, no ride. 

  • A well maintained bike suitable for off-road use, that is in good working order
  • A Helmet that complies with British Safety Standards
  • A Waterproof Jacket with a hood (or a separate hat) your showerproof/windproof is not good enough
  • A Spare layer of clothing which has long arms – eg additional thermal top, or synthetic down jacket – something warm to put on! 
  • An emergency foil survival bag (not blanket)
  • Your mobile phone – it must be fully charged and have battery life for the duration of the event. If you are planning on running Strava on your phone please consider how you would make contact with the emergency services…
  • Inner tubes
  • Tyre levers
  • A pump – even if you have a CO2 canister…
  • Trail tool including a chain tool & spare links/magic links
  • A bandage and dressing (first aid kit)
  • An emergency whistle
  • Front lights for your bike that are suitable for riding off-road (a spare battery if you require one)
  • A spare light, this can be a headtorch, and is a spare light for emergency use 
  • A rear light for your bike (this will only need to be “on” for road sections of the event)
  • Some money/change in case you need to use a public phone
  • The Map (we will issue this as a .gpx in advance of the event and you will be given a map at registration)
  • Your Event Number (collect at registration)
  • Enough water for 25 miles
  • Enough food for the duration of the event

We also suggest that you think about your clothing layering in advance of the event and pay particular attention to your extremities – fingers and toes. We are fans of waterproof socks with a silk liner for cold conditions.