Saturday 24th February 2018

Noon – Event HQ opens at Newburgh Priory including registration desk & kit inspection

3:30pm – Registration Desk closes. You must have registered if you want to ride.

4:00pm – Event Briefing – all riders must attend

4:30pm – Event Starts

5:31pm – Sunset

8:00pm – Cut off to reach Feed Station at Sutton Bank – approx 25 miles

10:00pm – Cut off to reach Marshall in Kilburn Woods – approx 35 miles

12:00am – Expected time for final rider to finish

So, you rock up at Event HQ what can you expect? A friendly welcome first and foremost. However there’ll not be much else: a marquee, a marquee heater and a couple of toilets. There is a tap in the field, it is not confirmed as being safe for human consumption! You can stay after your ride if you want in your van/tent however we’re guessing that you’ll want to stay somewhere warmer (check out our accommodation page for local providers). 

There’s no event village at this event – there’s only 50 of you riding – that is what is making this special. Coffee/Tea? Well we’ll probably be brewing up for ourselves so can likely make you a mug (bring a mug!) for a donation into a charity bucket, but there’s no actual coffee wagon or food available. The nearest good cafe is Kirk’s Coffee House at Ampleforth, they are open 10am – 4pm everyday and make a mean poached egg for breakfast! 

At the end of your ride you will get Pie and Peas plus your complimentary bottle of Light Brigade Beer (and your finisher’s prize). Again we’ll make you a brew if you like 🙂 


Finish Times

Now, this isn’t a race, but folk do like to know how they fared against the rest of the field. We record the actual time that you come over the line (ie hit registration desk). If there are any errors do let us know and we’ll rectify. I believe that one chap rode back in with the marshals having been short-coursed but I don’t have his name…can you let me via please. 


1 John Anderson DNF
2 Ian Ashton 9.35
3 Graham Atkinson 9.57
4 Paul Austin DNF
5 Brendan Ayre Timed-out
6 Shaun Bell 11.17
7 Lee Birkitt 10.00
9 Kevin Brennan 10.12
10 Chris Browell 8.20
11 Colin Chappell 10.13
12 Kirsten Civil DNS
13 Gill Cussons 10.59 (Short Course)
14 Edward Daly 9.40
15 Martin Davis DNS
16 Mark Devine 9.27
17 Nicola Dinsdale DNS
18 Jacob English DNS
19 Jake Feasey 9.37
20 Jonathan Foott 9.32
21 Oliver French 9.24
22 Peter Gossop 10.02
23 Tom Harper 9.36
24 Rob Harrison 9.01
25 Ian Hirst DNF
26 John Horlock 9.00
27 Brett Johnson 10.03
28 Adrian Jones 9.31
29 Paul Jonsen 11.06
30 Sean Kelly DNS
31 Tom Kelsey 8.20
32 Joe Kenny DNF
33 Karen Lederer 10.59 (Short Course)
34 Mark Ludiman 9.26
35 Michael Lumb 8.20
36 Christian McGrath DNS
37 Jason Miles DNS
37 Manuel Pina 9.31
38 Russell Miller 9.10
40 Adam Pridmore 8.59
41 Pete Richardson Timed-out
42 Mark Scott 10.18
43 John Sedgwick 9.01
44 Chris Short 11.17
45 Alex Smith 10.10
46 Mark Walker DNF
47 Adam Ward DNF
48 Tom Whitehouse 11.06
49 Jason Winter 10.10
50 Ian Taylor 8.20
51 Andrew Bourne 9.41
52 Guy Kesteven 9.00
53 Greg Barton 9.37