We’ve had our measuring sticks and timing devices out and have concluded that the cut-off will be at The Food Stop! hurrah, at least you’ll be able to get a bit of flapjack before being sent home… 

The cut-off time is generous! Do not panic!!! You have until 2pm to get there! 

So, if you’re doing The Outlaw the food stop is about 37miles in, if you’re doing The Drive then it’s about 28miles in. The Food stop is not a luxury affair, it’s a pop-up gazebo at the side of the road. You should be carrying enough food to see you round the course. The food stop will have:

  • water
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • watermelon
  • flapjack

We MIGHT have tea and coffee. No guarantees…if the weather is like last year we will special efforts to get warm drinks there!

It’s probably worth mentioning if you’re after something more substantial you pass a CAFE! Just a few miles from the food station…(in the village of Hawnby). And, if you’re on The Outlaw there’s one further on too.

There’ll be a chap at the food station who knows his way round a bike and tool box in case you need any trailside repairs to limp home…please remember to carry spare inner tubes and a puncture repair kit! (Kit List is on the Event Info page). 

The cyclist’s favourite topic: Tyres. Which ones? Which compound of rubber? What size? 

There’s no right answer – especially for Yorkshire True Grit. You make your choice and that’s it for the duration of the ride. This might help your decision making process though. 

  • Bar last week’s deluge of rain it’s been dry up here for weeks. The forecast for the next 10 days is looking good (BBC Weather)
  • In The Outlaw there’s only 13 miles of tarmac. The rest is Gravel Track or Singletrack. 
  • In The Drive there’s about 10 miles of tarmac. The rest is Gravel Track or Singletrack. 
  • In The Stampede there’s about 5 miles of tarmac. The rest is Gravel Track or Singletrack. 
  • The routes are picked to test your True Grit – if you rode last year you’ll know what that means, if you’re new: *hello, and welcome to Yorkshire True Grit!*
  • Run tubeless tyres. I’ll say that a bit louder: RUN TUBELESS TYRES. Oh, yes, one’s with Snakeskin sidewalls if possible – especially on The Outlaw and The Drive. Watch the Facebook live video on our Facebook page if you need any more convincing on that. 
  • Run the tyres that you are used to. Know how they handle in all conditions. 
  • Some tyres’ll be fast on the singletrack but suck on the road. Some will fly on the Gravel and but suck on the singletrack. I guess what we’re saying is that there isn’t a right choice!


If you think you’ve got the perfect tyre set-up share it on our Facebook page so that everyone else can learn from, or laugh at, your choice! 




I’ve been getting a few emails about car parking for Yorkshire True Grit – so here’s the answer for you: 

Car Parking will be at High Paradise Farm. The address is High Paradise Farm, Boltby, near Thirsk, YO7 2HT. www.highparadise.co.uk 

Access is a via singletrack tarmac road from Boltby Bank (not the unpaved road at the top but one about a third of the way up). DRIVE WITH CARE. This road is only used normally for access to the farms, do not view this as a chance to try out your rallying skills! Be aware there may be agricultural vehicles, walkers, horses and bikes on this route. High Paradise Farm is at the very top of the hill. Drive in the Farm area SLOWLY and you will be directed/signed to the right place. 

There will be some signage out to ensure that you are coming the right way! 

Have a safe journey! 

We’re really excited that the team at High Paradise Farm are supporting this year’s Yorkshire True Grit and that their fantastic farm, cottages and tea room will be the event HQ for the weekend. Situated on the edge of the stunning Cleveland Way, High Paradise Farm really is a little piece of paradise in a wild landscape. The tearoom has undergone a re-fit over the winter months – it looks stunning and provides a relaxed, cool place to chill out whilst enjoying the local trails. There’s been no compromise on the quality of the food which is excellent, as it always has been. 

There are cottages available for Yorkshire True Grit weekend – if you’re interested in a little more luxury than your tent then do give Ginni a call on 01845 537353 or 07739 498255. There’s more info on the website at www.highparadise.co.uk


The event village is really starting to fill up and Sanderson cycles are the latest ones into the fold. 

Sanderson Cycles are designed and developed it the UK. Manufactured to the highest standards using only top quality materials. Our aim is to offer what we feel is missing in the high end market today, Traditional styled Cro-mo Frames with up to the minute geometry and handling, finished off with some simple yet stylish touches that set Sanderson frames apart from the rest.

Drop by the Sanderson stand at Yorkshire True Grit to view our current range and demo bikes including the ‘Blitz’ and ‘Town Crier’ – a bike being built specifically for this event! You won’t see it anywhere else…

View the full range now at sanderson-cycles.com

The weather today (Sunday) would be a real test of your True Grit so if you’ve been out riding today then it’d be worth rewarding yourself. In fact any ride deserves a little reward: pizza, chocolate, beer.

We’ve been thinking about this and reckon that riding Yorkshire True Grit would create a bit of a thirst so we approached the team at Wainwright Beer as we noticed they were running a “Find Your Mountain” campaign. What bigger metaphorical mountain is there than Yorkshire True Grit?

So, as you cross the finish line at Yorkshire True Grit you’ll be directed to the signing out tent (as per last year) and then be awarded a half pint of Wainwright’s Golden Beer (*subject to stock). Wainwright’s campaign talks about personal challenges coming in all shapes and sizes – pushing yourself out of that warm and cosy comfort zone. We’re all for a bit of that – Yorkshire True Grit is your personal challenge and it’ll take you well out of your comfort zone to find your true grit. Wainwright’s say that their Golden Beer is the perfectly refreshing reward for those who think they’ve earned it. Well, whether you’ve cycled The Stampede, The Drive or The Outlaw we’re pretty damn sure you’ll have earned it! 

We all know that eating the right stuff the night before a big ride can make all the difference to how you feel whilst you’re on the trails. Trying to cook a really good meal on a camping stove is possible (though I can never manage it), but can add to pre-event nerves. Something we all want to avoid. 

Cue Mediterranean Luxury Foods – a great company based in Easingwold who sell a fantastic range of, well, mediterranean luxury foods; pasta, pasta sauces, olive oils, balsamic vinegars (well worth a try!) and so on. 

The guys at Mediterranean Luxury Foods enjoy getting out on the trails too, so thought that feeding the Friday night campers in preparation for the Saturday rides would be a great thing to do. They’re not chefs though, so in reality they’re stumping up the ingredients and Ginni and her team at High Paradise Farm are going to transform them into an amazing meal for you! All free if you are camping* on Friday! (subject to availability…we’re guessing there’ll be about 150 of you wanting food!)

Yes, I really did just say that: it’s a free pasta party on Friday if you’re camping at High Paradise! 

*If you’ve booked one of the cottages or b&b rooms at High Paradise then you’ll also get free pasta. 

We obviously agree that Adventure Makes Life Better which is why we’re super-excited that Salsa are supporting this year’s Yorkshire True Grit! 

Adventure is one thing that Yorkshire True Grit is not short of, so it’s great to have the Salsa team on board for this year’s event; they’re coming along with their demo fleet – so you can inject a bit more adventure into your weekend! 

Plus there’ll be lots and lots of giveaways – Bars, Anything Cages plus a set of Salsa Forks! You’ve got to be there to win though…what are you waiting for! Enter today.

This year’s Yorkshire True Grit does have a cap on numbers but that’s not the only reason to enter early. 

We’ve teamed up with the lovely guys at Ass Savers to create an exclusive Yorkshire True Grit Ass Saver! Ass Savers have saved over a million asses worldwide and this minimalistic saddle mudguard is a true game changer. More than just a gimmick, it really does provide wet weather protection, and snaps onto your saddle rails in seconds. 

All advance entries to Yorkshire True Grit will receive a free Yorkshire True Grit Ass Saver* with their registration pack at Event HQ, at High Paradise Farm. 



*subject to availability ie to be guaranteed one, enter early! 😉 

We all love a great ride on our bikes, we love the trail, the bike, the fresh air, the effort and mainly we love talking about how amazing the ride was later! But, mostly we don’t love cleaning our bikes…

Those of you who rode last year will understand why we have spent time getting Fenwick’s Bike Cleaner & Maintenance on board as a sponsor. We love their cleaner – spray on and hose off. Perfect for a truly gritty ride. Fenwick’s have kindly donated a 95ml bottle of concentrate (dilutes up to make 1l) for EVERY RIDER at Yorkshire True Grit in 2017.

And, as that wasn’t enough…they are bringing their amazing range of products to showcase at the event. Plus – they are in charge of this year’s BIKE WASH! Yes, that’s right there’ll be a bike wash at this year’s event. You asked for it, so we’ve sorted it.

Big thank you to Fenwick’s for supporting Yorkshire True Grit.

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