It’s a couple of months until Yorkshire True Grit Dark Skies takes place, plenty of time for a bit of training (and what a great motivator to get out whilst the weather is a bit inclement).

Yorkshire True Grit Dark Skies is part of the North York Moors National Park Dark Skies Festival. We’ve been running our Dark Skies Gravel Event since 2018, so the forthcoming one is the third year. We’ve shaken the route up and, if you’ve done it before you’ll be riding the opposite way round. Debs has also had her hands on the route so there are some minor changes (read that as major climbs) to test you along the way. Reversing the 50 mile route should get all the tough stuff out of the way in the first half….or so you’d think! 😉

The Feed Station will once again feature those amazing sausage rolls from Thornton’s Bakehouse and Butchers and homemade soups. (If you are vegan let us know as we can knock up a vegan soup for you). If we’ve got time then some homemade flapjack will find its way there too. At just over half way round the route, the Feed Station will be a welcome sight we’re sure!

On your return to HQ expect a warm welcome, and of course the legendary pie and peas with gravy! Again the pies are from Thornton’s Bakehouse and Butchers – our local butcher. There’ll be some heating of some description in the marquee but we do strongly suggest that you get a warm jacket on asap when you’ve finished.

Dark Skies – like all our events – is proper grassroots stuff. There’s nothing fancy at HQ but the YTG team will ensure that you are greeted with a warm welcome, before and after the ride.

You can start arriving on 22nd February from around 11am – remember there is a full kit check at Dark Skies – any kit missing = no ride. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BAG – these can be foil, the big orange ones, or an emergency shelter. A foil blanket is not sufficient for this ride.  You can order a survival bag from us, for collection at registration on the day.

There are a few places left on Dark Skies – but not many. Don’t miss out.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather over the weekend, after a very wet run up to this year’s Yorkshire True Grit. Whilst it made for some challenging trail conditions, overall times were inline with our expectations – so it didn’t seem to slow you down too much!

Jen Duncan – registration queen – took a few photos of folk chilling out/recovering after the ride – you can see them in all their glory on our facebook page (where you can also tag yourself into them).


And the Finisher’s times for you to look at – we record these manually by scribbling on some paper – if we’ve got your time wrong, do let us know and we’ll update it for you.


Rider Number Time at Finish Rider Number Time At Finish
1 14.41 6 14.00 Switched to Drive
2 15.19 98 13.33 Switched to Drive
4 15.51 101 13.03 Switched to Drive
5 14.02 126 14.00 Switched to Drive
7 19.24 169 12.52 Switched to Drive
8 14.54 201 13.37
9 14.54 202 13.47
10 16.10 203 14.37
11 16.24 205 14.29
12 18.11 206 14.35
13 15.23 207 13.24
15 14.57 208 13.09
16 14.09 209 13.35
17 16.42 210 14.28
18 14.48 211 14.28
19 13.24 212 13.48
20 15.17 213 13.43
21 13.56 214 18.03
22 13.55 215 13.44
23 13.46 216 14.35
24 16.24 220 15.22
26 15.52 221 13.49
27 16.15 222 14.28
28 14.20 223 15.22
29 17.33 224 14.53
30 15.49 225 14.52
31 16.13 226 12.05
32 13.43 227 14.35
33 13.56 230 13.49
34 15.37 231 14.19
35 16.37 232 14.52
36 15.34 233 16.46
37 14.27 234 14.49
38 16.25 235 14.49
39 14.10 236 15.26
40 14.20 238 13.31
41 15.49 239 13.45
42 14.48 241 14.46
43 16.38 242 16.24
45 13.55 243 12.52
46 13.24 244 14.48
48 15.51 245 14.15
49 14.46 248 16.26
50 16.38 249 16.42
52 15.19 250 16.20
53 14.06 251 16.00
53 15.39 252 14.25
54 16.56 253 14.42
55 17.45 254 15.54
56 15.22 255 16.46
57 15.50 256 16.46
59 13.47 257 13.30
61 15.26 259 13.31
63 16.40 260 12.41
64 16.04 262 13.35
65 18.35 263 14.33 Started at 9:30
67 13.24 264 13.04
68 13.10 265 13.03
69 16.31 266 13.34
70 14.14 267 13.47
71 16.09 268 12.05
72 16.09 269 15.19
73 14.38 270 14.01
75 13.46 272 13.47
76 14.20 273 13.34
77 14.08 274 13.47
78 16.35 276 16.26
79 13.43 277 15.22
83 15.53 279 13.29
84 13.24 280 15.05
85 16.48 281 15.10
86 15.09 283 16.46
88 15.15 284 18.03
89 15.15 285 11.48
90 15.27 287 14.58
91 15.26 289 16.19
92 15.12 290 15.46
93 16.48 292 14.16
94 17.55 293 13.24
95 16.05 294 15.12
97 15.50 295 15.51
99 15.17 296 13.47
100 16.23 297 13.45
102 15.10 299 13.49
103 16.19 300 14.57
104 13.45
105 15.22
106 15.59
107 14.55
109 15.25
110 16.12
111 14.48
112 13.38
113 17.19
114 18.11
115 14.44
116 14.05
117 16.24
119 15.10
120 15.51
121 14.41
122 15.11
123 14.20
124 15.17
125 17.45
127 16.39
128 14.18
129 17.33
130 15.34
131 14.45
132 14.20
133 14.44
134 14.55
135 14.39
136 16.38
137 16.40
138 16.39
139 13.24
140 16.23
141 15.34
142 14.58
143 15.10
144 16.12
145 15.50
146 18.19
147 15.52
149 13.39
151 14.05
152 16.24
153 15.39
154 14.06
155 18.35
156 14.37
158 13.32
159 15.28
160 13.49
161 16.11
164 13.21
165 13.21
166 15.18
167 16.11
168 16.11
170 16.25
171 14.02
172 15.12
173 15.12
175 14.11
180 13.32
181 13.43
184 14.43
185 18.19
186 17.22
188 16.38
189 16.13
190 13.21
191 15.50
192 17.21
193 17.21
194 15.04
195 13.58
286 16.42 Switched to Outlaw



We’ve collated the finishers time for the Stampede event on Sunday. (And we will do the others too – just give us some time!).

The start time for the Stampede was actually about 10:10am so there’s some pretty impressive times in the results. If we’ve recorded your time incorrectly (there’s some interesting scribbles on the timing sheet) then let us know and we’ll correct it for you.

Event HQ Registration Queen, Jen Duncan, took some great photos of Sunday’s event/Event HQ – you can see them better on the Facebook Page – do tag yourself into the photos there.

Rider Number Time at Finish Notes
25 13.19
44 13.19
301 12.24
302 13.01
303 12.54
304 12.47
308 13.15
309 11.33
310 12.39
311 13.01
312 13.12
314 12.16
315 12.42
316 12.34
317 12.56
319 11.36
320 13.03
322 13.18
323 13.18
324 13.03
330 12.21
331 12.41
332 13.14
333 11.57
335 12.34
337 12.12
342 11.51
344 12.14
345 13.05 Feed Station Cut-off
346 13.05 Feed Station Cut-off
348 12.14
350 13.01
351 12.54
352 11.33
353 12.20
354 12.46
356 12.41
357 12.07
360 12.19
361 12.16
363 11.56
364 12.50
366 12.57
369 12.07
371 12.25
373 12.57
374 12.59
376 12.46
378 12.46
379 12.28
380 12.28
381 13.12
382 12.41
383 12.46
385 11.41
358 12.42
386 11.36
388 12.37
389 12.37
390 11.59 missed Cropton Loop

If you’re getting your stuff ready for the weekend and delaying nipping to the supermarket because, well you’d rather be riding your bike (and who really wants to go to the supermarket anyway). We’ll save you a job. The Durham Ox has just sent over their menu of delicious food that they’ll be serving at the weekend.

So, forget the stove; forget the supermarket shop. Enjoy the tastes of Yorkshire at Yorkshire True Grit!

The Durham Ox BBQ Kitchen & Bar will be open all weekend, from Friday through to Sunday afternoon. Fuel, Ride, Re-fuel, Repeat.


Some of you will remember Rosa and her van, Henrietta, from Dark Skies. Well she’s back for the weekend at Yorkshire True Grit serving up her fantastic coffees and teas – but for this event in the evening Henrietta will be transformed to a Gin Bar!

To whet your appetite, Rosa’s just sent over the menu of cakes that she’ll be selling (and the Gin’s on offer in the evening!)

Blueberry Muffins
Banana Caramel Loaf
Cherry Flapjack
Tea Loaf with a Wensleydale crust
Energy Ball (packed with dried fruit nuts and seeds)
Sultana Scone, jam and clotted cream
Cheese Scone, butter and tomato chutney
Teas, coffees, hot chocolate
Gin and tonic (Bombay sapphire, Mason’s tea edition, Slingsby rhubarb)
Boozy Hot chocolate (Amaretto, spiced rum, baileys, whiskey)
Irish coffee
Black amaretto (Black americano with amaretto)
Moonlight mile (Hot English breakfast tea, spiced rum, apple juice, cinnamon)
Hot Mojito (Mint Tea, white rum, brown sugar, lime, angostura bitters)
Personally I’m thinking that the Boozy Hot Chocolate sounds like the perfect recovery drink! See you at the Gin Bar on Friday evening?

So I’m getting a few emails asking the same questions thought I’d pop some info here so that you can refer to the website first before sending that email off. (If your question isn’t answered here, then of course email us – we’re setting up from Wednesday so replies might be slow).

1.) Tyres (ARGH!!!!)

Largely tyre choice depends on your bike and your skill level, and let’s face it there’s always someone who swears by plus tyres for everything, and someone who goes super skinny over the same terrain.

This year’s routes are very different to previous years. There’s a good mix of single track and gravel. It has been raining – though the forecast is for some high pressure to move over, so we are expecting some wind and warmth. Some of the tracks will dry out, some will have muddy bits. If your tyres aren’t suitable then your feet will be.

2.) Car Parking

Day parking and overnight parking will be separate in an effort to prevent complete chaos. Please advise the marshal and they will direct you to the appropriate parking section. If you’ve not booked your tent in prior to arrival, please still park in overnight parking and then come to pay and collect your camping ticket. All tents/caravans/vans must display the camping ticket.

3.) The GPX File

The link to the gpx file will be mailed out to entrants on Wednesday 19th latest. (might be late on, see above note about setting up on site!). Please ensure you download the correct route for the course you are doing.

4.) Food on site

There is catering on site all weekend – the menus sound de-lic-ious!! Once I have them I’ll post them on the website. Catering is by The Durham Ox; The Tea-Time Yorkshire Coffee Van will also be on-site for all your speciality coffee requirements and flapjack needs.

5.) Facilities on site

Said this several times before – on site it is basic – NO SHOWERS.

  • Catering
  • Bar
  • Gin Bar
  • Music
  • Dancing (if you like!)
  • Straw Bale seating
  • Couple of marquees (in case it’s too hot and you want to get some shade!!)
  • Portaloos
  • Taps for water
  • Event Village – exhibitors Aussie Grit Apparel, Goodyear Tyres, Stans No Tubes, Marin Bikes, Fenwicks Bike Cleaner, Vielo Sport, Embrace Frames

6.) First Aid Cover

The team from Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue are providing first aid cover on Saturday during the ride.

7.) Cut-offs

There are cut-offs for The Outlaw – at the feed station (c15miles) you need to have arrived there before 11:30am otherwise you MUST switch to The Drive (40 miles); The Stampede – you need to have arrived at the feed station (c9 miles) by noon otherwise you will miss a short part of the course that contains two killer climbs…

Why are we cutting-off? For your safety, those timings are generous.
On the Outlaw, if it takes you longer than that to reach the cut-off points then realistically the long event isn’t for you.

On the Stampede on Sunday, we want you to have an enjoyable ride – if you are taking longer than two hours to reach the cut-off then why not miss out the next couple of miles and have an enjoyable ride back in!

8.) Event Timing

This is not a race. We record the actual time you finish where we can (ie we sometimes miss the odd person!) because you do like to know how you do.

9.) Weekend Running Order

Is on the Event Info Page – registration open times, cut-offs, start times, briefing times etc., all there 🙂 🙂


Paul and Rob from 76Projects have revealed their kit list for this year’s Yorkshire True Grit. (The full recommended kit list is at the end of this article – please take notice of it!). 


Yorkshire True Grit Kit List

As well as sponsoring YTG2019 Paul and I are also riding it. My riding recently has consisted of short blasts in the flatlands to fit around work and family time so 60 or even 40 miles over very hilly terrain is going to be a bit of a shock for me and it’s too late to do anything about my fitness now. What I can do is make sure that my bike and kit is ready.

What bike to ride?

‘Suitable for off road use’ is somewhat subjective and we’ve all heard from someone about how they used to ride his 14speed Raleigh road bike across the moors back in the 70’s but most people doing YTG will be riding gravel bikes or mountain bikes.

I’ll be riding my NS Bikes Rag+ gravel bike with 700c 43C Panaracer Gravelkings tubeless at 30psi front, 40psi rear which occupy the Goldilocks zone between fast rolling, grip and comfort. I briefly considered my XC full suspension mountain bike but I’d rather trade comfort for speed on the road sections.

I live in the flatlands so the one change I’ve made is swapping out the 11-28 cassette for an 11-40 in conjunction with a derailleur hanger extender. 38T up front (1x only frame). If only I could change out my legs or lungs!

Keeping warm, dry & safe

  • Gilet and arm warmers – My most used items of bike clothing, ideal for changeable weather and they stow easily in jersey pockets when the sun’s out. If the forecast is bad I may take leg warmers and waterproof over-shorts as well
  • A packable waterproof which rolls up to a tennis ball size and straps out of the way under the saddle. Waterproofs are important for keeping you warm and dry if you need to stop even, if like me, you don’t like riding in them.
  • YTG also recommend taking an emergency foil blanket, whistle, first aid kit and of course a helmet.


Spares and tools

  • I keep the following stored in a 76 Projects Piggy with the Piggy Pouch keeping everything clean and dry.

  • Lezyne multi-tool with a built-in chain breaker – Making sure that everything is cleaned, lubricated and adjusted beforehand should lessen the chances of me needing to use it.
  • Inner tube – possibly 2.
  • Lezyne tyre levers
  • Stick on Park patches – in case of puncturegeddon
  • Tubeless repair kit – hopefully meaning the 3 items above won’t be required
  • Park tyre boots – gravel tyres aren’t as tough as most mountain bike tyres. Gel wrappers make good emergency boots too.
  • CO2 tyre inflator & 2 canisters – great when you’re tired and much quicker

  • Quick Links in the inbuilt area of the Piggy.   








  • Lezyne mini pump mounted under the Piggy – again, in case of puncturegeddon
  • Apidura top tube bag – carrying a handful of cereal bars and emergency gels. My phone will also be in there, safe and dry behind the waterproof closure.
  • A 76 Projects Valve Bobbin – a handy widget that is stored on your valve stem in case you ever need to remove or tighten a valve core to get tubeless tyres seated whilst out on the trails. Also handy when your pump unscrews a valve core!



We don’t perform kit checks at Yorkshire True Grit, but the kit list is there for your safety. We strongly recommend you have all items on the kit list. If the weather is bad we reserve the right to make parts of it mandatory and to add safety items such as lights.

  • A well maintained bike suitable for off-road use, that is in good working order
  • A Helmet that complies with British Safety Standards
  • A Waterproof Jacket
  • An Emergency foil blanket
  • Your mobile phone – it must be fully charged and have battery life for the duration of the event.
  • Inner tubes
  • Tyre levers
  • A pump – even if you have a CO2 canister…
  • Trail tool including a chain tool & spare links/magic links
  • A bandage and dressing (first aid kit)
  • An emergency whistle
  • Some money/change in case you fancy a tea stop/need to use a public phone
  • The Map

Over the past few months we’ve gained quite a number of new followers on social media, and quite a few new names are popping up on the entry lists for the different distances. On our old website we included some information about ourselves so that you know who is behind Yorkshire True Grit and what we’re all about. We thought we’d update that info and bring it on this website to introduce ourselves to the new folk, and to say hello again to those of you who know us!

Andrew Wright

Your Event Director!

Andy owns and runs Easingwold-based bike shop He’s a bike-nut and doesn’t care what discipline of cycling you’re from he’ll chat with you about your bike, your favourite route or the latest bits to put on your bike.

Andy has come into Gravel/Adventure biking from Mountain Biking and can still be found playing in the local woods on his mountain bike when not riding his Gravel bike.

Andy’s been riding bikes for “a long time” and knows the North York Moors like only a local can. It’s his passion for the North York Moors and off-road cycling that sparked the idea for Yorkshire True Grit. He wanted to show off the best cycling that can be had, by showing people that a gravel bike can do more than just gravel. (Take that as a hint to what might come in Yorkshire True Grit if you’ve not ridden it before).

Andy also like a pint so will most definitely be found somewhere near the bar when all the riders have returned to HQ.

During the event Andy’ll either be at HQ or out on the route having a chat with you, or if you need picking up you might get a lift back with him.

Debs Goodall

Event Organiser type person.

Debs has been riding bikes since she was little – but nearly always off-road. She loves what she calls a “big sky ride” where the views are endless and the trails are seemingly so too, and tries to fit in as much riding as possible between organising Yorkshire True Grit and running her own business.

Debs is more about the chat about the ride, than the bike or the bits on the bike. She’s also a North Yorkshire local and knows her way round the moors too, she’s often used in route checking to ensure that Andy’s not gone over the top in what he thinks people can ride (aka the crash test dummy).  Debs keeps Andy’s elaborate route planning in check, but, be warned – she loves a good climb! So whilst Andy’ll test your skill downhill, she’ll test your stamina (or “true grit) on the ups.

During the event Debs’ll be one of the people on the registration desk ensuring that you get signed on and back out when you’ve completed the event. She’ll probably also deliver the event briefing as she’s apparently a bit more bossy than Andy…

The Others

There are lots of other folk involved in making Yorkshire True Grit happen! From sounding boards to route riders; those who put the signs out (and collect them in); helpers at HQ; marshals on the route; the feed station team (Jane and Jan are back this year to ensure you’re all well refreshed!).

We try to run the event as professionally as we can, but to retain it’s low-key, grass roots event personality. Ultimately we want everyone involved, including the riders, to have a great time at Yorkshire True Grit!

Indy-boutique bike brand, Vielo, will be exhibiting at Yorkshire True Grit.

Vielo’s first model, the V-Plus 1 is a new breed of Road Plus performance bikes for the road cyclist who is fed up with being shaken to pieces on the poorly maintained British roads and who also wants to combine a bit of fun riding on gravel or loose forest roads without the heavy weight of a hard tail mountain bike. UNLIMITED PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT An oxymoron? Combining intelligent ideas and engineering theories through time and experience have come to together to produce the V-plus 1. Engineering and know-how without limitations. Without anyone saying ‘No you cannot do that’.

It sounds to us like a great bike to ride Yorkshire True Grit on; a gravel bike without limitations on a gravel ride without limitations!

Ian and Trevor from Vielo will be at Yorkshire True Grit all weekend with some demo bikes for you to have a pedal round on…if your appetite needs whetting further then lust over this…


We’re super excited to announce that the Award-winning Durham Ox from Crayke (North Yorkshire) will be the official caterers at this year’s Yorkshire True Grit. Those of you from the area will no doubt have heard of the Durham Ox – and its far-reaching reputation means that some of you out of area folk have probably heard of it too.

We approached the team at the Durham Ox to take on the catering for the event because, quite simply, their food is excellent. We want you to enjoy the food as much as the event so we wanted a catering team that are as passionate about food as we are about biking. They embrace the principle of good food in relaxed surroundings and that will shine through at Yorkshire True Grit. The team at the Durham Ox source their ingredients locally and will cater for vegetarians, vegans and provide a simple but good choice of food at the event. The pricing will be Yorkshire – you’ll get a good portion for your money!

The Durham Ox Event Catering team will be on-site from Friday through to Sunday offering Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. (Or, Lunch and Supper depending on where you’re from). So, leave the stove at home. You won’t be able to resist the aromas coming from the catering area!

The Durham Ox is featured in Sawleys Guide, The Good Pub Guide, Diners Choice, and holds a Visit England Award for their breakfasts.

Durham Ox to cater at Yorkshire True Grit

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