Yorkshire True Grit 2019: KIT LIST

Paul and Rob from 76Projects have revealed their kit list for this year’s Yorkshire True Grit. (The full recommended kit list is at the end of this article – please take notice of it!). 


Yorkshire True Grit Kit List

As well as sponsoring YTG2019 Paul and I are also riding it. My riding recently has consisted of short blasts in the flatlands to fit around work and family time so 60 or even 40 miles over very hilly terrain is going to be a bit of a shock for me and it’s too late to do anything about my fitness now. What I can do is make sure that my bike and kit is ready.

What bike to ride?

‘Suitable for off road use’ is somewhat subjective and we’ve all heard from someone about how they used to ride his 14speed Raleigh road bike across the moors back in the 70’s but most people doing YTG will be riding gravel bikes or mountain bikes.

I’ll be riding my NS Bikes Rag+ gravel bike with 700c 43C Panaracer Gravelkings tubeless at 30psi front, 40psi rear which occupy the Goldilocks zone between fast rolling, grip and comfort. I briefly considered my XC full suspension mountain bike but I’d rather trade comfort for speed on the road sections.

I live in the flatlands so the one change I’ve made is swapping out the 11-28 cassette for an 11-40 in conjunction with a derailleur hanger extender. 38T up front (1x only frame). If only I could change out my legs or lungs!

Keeping warm, dry & safe

  • Gilet and arm warmers – My most used items of bike clothing, ideal for changeable weather and they stow easily in jersey pockets when the sun’s out. If the forecast is bad I may take leg warmers and waterproof over-shorts as well
  • A packable waterproof which rolls up to a tennis ball size and straps out of the way under the saddle. Waterproofs are important for keeping you warm and dry if you need to stop even, if like me, you don’t like riding in them.
  • YTG also recommend taking an emergency foil blanket, whistle, first aid kit and of course a helmet.


Spares and tools

  • I keep the following stored in a 76 Projects Piggy with the Piggy Pouch keeping everything clean and dry.

  • Lezyne multi-tool with a built-in chain breaker – Making sure that everything is cleaned, lubricated and adjusted beforehand should lessen the chances of me needing to use it.
  • Inner tube – possibly 2.
  • Lezyne tyre levers
  • Stick on Park patches – in case of puncturegeddon
  • Tubeless repair kit – hopefully meaning the 3 items above won’t be required
  • Park tyre boots – gravel tyres aren’t as tough as most mountain bike tyres. Gel wrappers make good emergency boots too.
  • CO2 tyre inflator & 2 canisters – great when you’re tired and much quicker

  • Quick Links in the inbuilt area of the Piggy.   








  • Lezyne mini pump mounted under the Piggy – again, in case of puncturegeddon
  • Apidura top tube bag – carrying a handful of cereal bars and emergency gels. My phone will also be in there, safe and dry behind the waterproof closure.
  • A 76 Projects Valve Bobbin – a handy widget that is stored on your valve stem in case you ever need to remove or tighten a valve core to get tubeless tyres seated whilst out on the trails. Also handy when your pump unscrews a valve core!



We don’t perform kit checks at Yorkshire True Grit, but the kit list is there for your safety. We strongly recommend you have all items on the kit list. If the weather is bad we reserve the right to make parts of it mandatory and to add safety items such as lights.

  • A well maintained bike suitable for off-road use, that is in good working order
  • A Helmet that complies with British Safety Standards
  • A Waterproof Jacket
  • An Emergency foil blanket
  • Your mobile phone – it must be fully charged and have battery life for the duration of the event.
  • Inner tubes
  • Tyre levers
  • A pump – even if you have a CO2 canister…
  • Trail tool including a chain tool & spare links/magic links
  • A bandage and dressing (first aid kit)
  • An emergency whistle
  • Some money/change in case you fancy a tea stop/need to use a public phone
  • The Map
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