Well, who would have thought that with 15º heat it was February? But the sun shone all day long, and many of you set off in shorts or 3/4 length tights! Amazing contrast to last year, and whilst the temperatures fell as the sun set, at least it stayed above freezing.

The Pie and Peas went down well – so it seems that it doesn’t matter how warm it is you lot will eat food at the end of the event! It was great that so many of you stayed to soak up the atmosphere at the end, and cheer in the other riders.

Massive thanks to our sponsors: Fenwicks Bike, Marin Bikes, Stans No Tubes and Bikewright.com

And to Twisted for provision of a Land Rover and Driver to recover riders with mechanical problems, and to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team for safety cover.

Huge thanks to all the marshals and volunteers who help to make the event a success.

The “official” photos have now been uploaded to the Gallery, any other’s we get we’ll share on our social media channels.

Remember – you can enter our summer event now Yorkshire True Grit. This year with a complete new route, and new HQ at Hutton Le Hole.

Finishing Times are below – remember this is the time at the finish of the event – it started at 4pm.

Finishing Times
Rider Number Time at Finish
1 21:16
2 20:51
3 20:58
4 20:20
5 20:19
6 20:58
7 21:26
8 20:56
9 21:46
10 19:35
11 DNF
12 22:30
13 DNF
14 21:01
15 20:45
16 20:03
18 20:03
19 19:51
20 21:30
21 21:02
22 21:26
23 20:58
24 19:55
25 20:20
26 21:32
27 DNF
28 20:33
29 20:12
30 20:20
31 21:32
32 21:32
33 20:22
34 20:04
35 20:08
36 21:28
37 20:16
38 20:52
39 09:46
40 DNS
41 19:58
42 21:10
43 21:28
44 21:26
45 20:10
46 20:33
47 21:39
48 21:39
49 20:45
50 20:04
51 21:03
52 20:20
53 DNS
54 19:40
55 20:26
56 21:32
57 19:58
58 DNF
59 20:42
60 21:04
61 20:59
62 21:08
63 20:24
64 DNS
65 21:34
66 21:28
67 21:03
68 21:10
69 21:12
70 20:57
71 20:38
72 21:08
73 21:37
74 DNS
75 20:26

Hopefully those of you who have entered Yorkshire True Grit Dark Skies are starting to get prepared! We’re writing this blog post to re-iterate the importance of the KIT LIST in your preparation.

Your kit will be inspected before you can sign on at the event! If you are missing something then you won’t be allowed to ride, so do get yourself organised in advance. Obviously you’ll pick up your map and rider number at registration…

This year Gill will be performing the kit check – please don’t give her grief, the kit check is there for your safety. Do you fancy being stuck on the North York Moors with a howling wind and snow, or rain, beating down on you without appropriate kit? No, didn’t think so. Gill rode the event last year so knows exactly why you need the kit and why it’s non negotiable.

For ease, here’s the kit list again:

A well maintained bike suitable for off-road use, that is in good working order
A helmet that complies with British Safety Standards
A waterproof jacket (taped seams) with hood (or separate hat). YOUR SHOWERPROOF/WINDPROOF is not good enough
A spare layer of clothing with long arms eg additional thermal top, or synthetic down jacket – something warm to put on
An emergency foil survival bag (not a blanket). We prefer foil but you can use a proper bivvy bag or an orange emergency bag. You can order one to collect in the GRIT SHOP
Inner tubes
Tyre levers
A pump – even if you have CO2 cannisters
A trail tool including a chain tool and spare links/magic links
A bandage and dressing (first aid kit)
An emergency whistle
Front lights for your bike that are suitable for riding off-road (and a spare battery if you require one)
A spare light – this can be a headtorch and is a spare light for emergency use
A rear light for your bike (this will only need to be “on” for the road sections of the event)
Some change/money in case you need to use a public phone
The Map – we will issue a gpx in advance and you will be given a map at registration
Your event number (collect at registration)
Enough water for 25 miles
Enough food for the duration of the event

Feed Station
We had a meeting with the feed station marshals earlier this week to talk through the lovely stuff that will be available!

So, alongside a selection of hot drinks and water there’ll be soup, cheesy sausage rolls, homemade flapjack, and sweets of some description.

There are also toilets at the feed station.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on 23rd February. The .gpx file will go out on Wednesday 20th with all final information about the event.

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Shires Bridge Business Park
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© 2018 Yorkshire True Grit