Feed Stations & Cut Offs & Essential Time Info

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Our feed station order has gone in and we’re ready for hot weather, and cold weather. Last year – despite the summer warmth – so many of you raved about being able to get tea and coffee at the feed station, that we’re offering that this year too. 

The Feed Station is positioned at 30 miles if you’re on The Outlaw, and 23 miles if you’re on The Drive. We’re also planning to have a quick splash and dash on The Outlaw at 15 miles – no food, just water and someone with some mechanical know-how to help you iron out any problems that may have arisen from the early shakedown miles. 

This year we’ve also added a cut-off point. It’s super-generous – we want people to enjoy their ride! But we also want our marshals to enjoy their day. So for their sake as much as anything there’s a cut-off at 44 miles on The Outlaw, 29 miles on The Drive. You’ll need to be past this point by 3:30pm to be able to continue the ride, otherwise it’s a steady return along a quiet tarmac lane back to High Paradise Farm, where you can still collect your cold beer – courtesy of advntr.cc.

We updated the start times on the website last week, but in case you haven’t seen them:

The Outlaw starts at 8am; The Drive starts at 8:30am. You can find more on the event timings on Event Info.

Not long now!