Latest Update!

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Well it’s been a while since we updated this page and there’s lot to tell you; some of which you’ll know if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So – Aussie Grit Apparel has come on board as a sponsor of the event. We’re pretty excited about this – their gear is designed for Grit and there’s no better event than Yorkshire True Grit to demonstrate this. Debs has been out in some of the kit already and she’s impressed (and she’s not easy to please!). You’ll see it being worn in our video that’ll hit the social media channels soon.

What else: oohhh there’s more private land in this year’s event than in either of the two previous Yorkshire True Grit events! So, whilst the event HQ is High Paradise Farm for 2018 – the route will be different. Andy likes to challenge the team as much as the riders so there’s nothing like coming up with a pretty fresh route each year to keep us on our toes! (We will be using some bits from last year as well!).

The Event Village is also growing so there’ll be more for you to see between events or after you’ve completed your ride than before. We’re looking for more exhibitors too – so if you know a company that you think would like to be part of this event, then send them in our direction!

More updates to come!