Well this year was a corker! Nice weather – perhaps a little bit breezy but at least it didn’t rain. 

I’ve been through the many sheets of paper where we scrawled the time that you got to the finish. It’s not scientific and sometimes the handwriting is a little difficult to read. If we’re way out on your time, let us know and I’ll re-publish. 

Great to meet you all and thanks for coming along! Tell your mates and let’s make Yorkshire True Grit THE Gravelly Adventure Ride!


YTG 2017 Results

Yorkshire True Grit is a test of your grit and determination, your ability to push on, whatever may happen. And whilst we’re all sitting around today reading headlines about how it’s the hottest day since 1976, who is to say that this will last until the weekend – or indeed if it does happen at the weekend are you ready for it? 

So have you thought about what you are carrying whilst undertaking this challenge? Well to help you out we’re re-sharing the kit list that is on the website. And I realise that you’ll read it and wonder if you really need a waterproof jacket. Yes, you do. You are travelling across the North York Moors – what is happening in one valley is not necessarily what is happening in the other. Do you need a foil blanket. Yes, you do. Consider the scenarios where you have an unfortunate tumble and are unable to ride your bike (let’s say the bike is injured not you); you’ve been travelling at a pace and sweating a lot. Even this situation can require a foil blanket. Or as per last year, the weather becomes, let’s call it apocalyptic, hypothermia could easily set in and that foil blanket is the difference between getting back for a pint and not. They weigh next to nothing so there’s no excuses really! 

We are recommending that you carry a minimum of 2L of water in a camelbak (other bladder-based water systems are available) or 2 large bottles of water on your bike. (Water or other drink, we’re not bothered so long as you stay hydrated, so Cider or Pimms probably aren’t a good idea). You will have access to water on The Outlaw and The Drive (see previous post about the Feed Station).

On the map that will be in your event pack that you collect at registration there are escape routes marked (these are not signed though), and phone numbers of three people that you can call in event that your ride doesn’t go the way it should. 

Here’s the kit list, 

  • A well maintained bike suitable for off-road use, that is in good working order
  • A Helmet that complies with British Safety Standards
  • A Waterproof Jacket (even if it is a hot sunny day!); your showerproof/windproof is not good enough. 
  • An emergency foil blanket
  • Your mobile phone – it must be fully charged and have battery life for the duration of the event. If you are doing the 60 miler and running Strava on your phone please consider how you would make contact with the emergency services…
  • Inner tubes
  • Tyre levers
  • A pump – even if you have a CO2 canister…
  • Trail tool including a chain tool & spare links/magic links
  • A bandage and dressing (first aid kit)
  • An emergency whistle
  • Some money/change in case you fancy a tea stop/need to use a public phone (yes you pass one…!)
  • The Map (we will issue this as a .gpx in advance of the event and you will be given a map at registration)


Packing for an event, can be a bit of a chore. 

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Shorts

You’d think that would be it, and you’d be good to go. But when you get your bike out of the van, no! Somehow your tyres have gone flat and your chain isn’t looking too good…

Don’t panic! We know that High Paradise Farm is basically in the middle of nowhere (or Paradise!), so Sanderson Cycles will be selling emergency bits and bobs at the Event HQ on behalf of Bikewright.com (Andy’s business). It’s unlikely we’ll be able to re-build your entire bike, but key items from the Halt Bikes Range of products, YBN Chains, Schwalbe Tyres and Inner Tubes will be available! 

Please bring CASH to buy your items! 





You keep asking: What is the Elevation on Yorkshire True Grit?

Well, Yorkshire is hilly. It’s part of what makes it beautiful – the moorland vales and rolling hills. And Yorkshire True Grit is set in North Yorkshire, on the North York Moors. And we’re not joking when we ask “Have you got True Grit?”. 

Some folk were surprised last year at how tough the event was, and certainly the weather in 2016 didn’t help. But this is an event that is designed to test and challenge whether you have True Grit or not. It is not a race though, it’s about challenging yourself to keep on pedalling, upt’hill and downt’dale. 

Don’t focus on the climb. Focus on the scenery – remember to take in the vastness of the Heather Moorland, the views across to the coast (if it’s clear you’ll see the North sea!); and the views over to the Dales. Focus on the descent on the other side, because what goes up must come down! 

So in terms of elevation on the routes – if you work on around 1,000ft of ascent for every 10 miles of route you won’t be far wrong – give or take a little bit. And remember these are Yorkshire Miles; True Grit Miles. 

Elevation Stampede 

Elevation Profile: The Stampede

Elevation, DRive

Elevation Profile: The Drive

Elevation Outlaw

Elevation Profile: The Outlaw

If you’ve not been riding hills then there’s still this weekend for a bit of practice! 

We’ve had our measuring sticks and timing devices out and have concluded that the cut-off will be at The Food Stop! hurrah, at least you’ll be able to get a bit of flapjack before being sent home… 

The cut-off time is generous! Do not panic!!! You have until 2pm to get there! 

So, if you’re doing The Outlaw the food stop is about 37miles in, if you’re doing The Drive then it’s about 28miles in. The Food stop is not a luxury affair, it’s a pop-up gazebo at the side of the road. You should be carrying enough food to see you round the course. The food stop will have:

  • water
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • watermelon
  • flapjack

We MIGHT have tea and coffee. No guarantees…if the weather is like last year we will special efforts to get warm drinks there!

It’s probably worth mentioning if you’re after something more substantial you pass a CAFE! Just a few miles from the food station…(in the village of Hawnby). And, if you’re on The Outlaw there’s one further on too.

There’ll be a chap at the food station who knows his way round a bike and tool box in case you need any trailside repairs to limp home…please remember to carry spare inner tubes and a puncture repair kit! (Kit List is on the Event Info page). 

The cyclist’s favourite topic: Tyres. Which ones? Which compound of rubber? What size? 

There’s no right answer – especially for Yorkshire True Grit. You make your choice and that’s it for the duration of the ride. This might help your decision making process though. 

  • Bar last week’s deluge of rain it’s been dry up here for weeks. The forecast for the next 10 days is looking good (BBC Weather)
  • In The Outlaw there’s only 13 miles of tarmac. The rest is Gravel Track or Singletrack. 
  • In The Drive there’s about 10 miles of tarmac. The rest is Gravel Track or Singletrack. 
  • In The Stampede there’s about 5 miles of tarmac. The rest is Gravel Track or Singletrack. 
  • The routes are picked to test your True Grit – if you rode last year you’ll know what that means, if you’re new: *hello, and welcome to Yorkshire True Grit!*
  • Run tubeless tyres. I’ll say that a bit louder: RUN TUBELESS TYRES. Oh, yes, one’s with Snakeskin sidewalls if possible – especially on The Outlaw and The Drive. Watch the Facebook live video on our Facebook page if you need any more convincing on that. 
  • Run the tyres that you are used to. Know how they handle in all conditions. 
  • Some tyres’ll be fast on the singletrack but suck on the road. Some will fly on the Gravel and but suck on the singletrack. I guess what we’re saying is that there isn’t a right choice!


If you think you’ve got the perfect tyre set-up share it on our Facebook page so that everyone else can learn from, or laugh at, your choice! 




I’ve been getting a few emails about car parking for Yorkshire True Grit – so here’s the answer for you: 

Car Parking will be at High Paradise Farm. The address is High Paradise Farm, Boltby, near Thirsk, YO7 2HT. www.highparadise.co.uk 

Access is a via singletrack tarmac road from Boltby Bank (not the unpaved road at the top but one about a third of the way up). DRIVE WITH CARE. This road is only used normally for access to the farms, do not view this as a chance to try out your rallying skills! Be aware there may be agricultural vehicles, walkers, horses and bikes on this route. High Paradise Farm is at the very top of the hill. Drive in the Farm area SLOWLY and you will be directed/signed to the right place. 

There will be some signage out to ensure that you are coming the right way! 

Have a safe journey! 

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