Refuel with Wainwright!

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The weather today (Sunday) would be a real test of your True Grit so if you’ve been out riding today then it’d be worth rewarding yourself. In fact any ride deserves a little reward: pizza, chocolate, beer.

We’ve been thinking about this and reckon that riding Yorkshire True Grit would create a bit of a thirst so we approached the team at Wainwright Beer as we noticed they were running a “Find Your Mountain” campaign. What bigger metaphorical mountain is there than Yorkshire True Grit?

So, as you cross the finish line at Yorkshire True Grit you’ll be directed to the signing out tent (as per last year) and then be awarded a half pint of Wainwright’s Golden Beer (*subject to stock). Wainwright’s campaign talks about personal challenges coming in all shapes and sizes – pushing yourself out of that warm and cosy comfort zone. We’re all for a bit of that – Yorkshire True Grit is your personal challenge and it’ll take you well out of your comfort zone to find your true grit. Wainwright’s say that their Golden Beer is the perfectly refreshing reward for those who think they’ve earned it. Well, whether you’ve cycled The Stampede, The Drive or The Outlaw we’re pretty damn sure you’ll have earned it!