Friday Night Pasta!

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We all know that eating the right stuff the night before a big ride can make all the difference to how you feel whilst you’re on the trails. Trying to cook a really good meal on a camping stove is possible (though I can never manage it), but can add to pre-event nerves. Something we all want to avoid. 

Cue Mediterranean Luxury Foods – a great company based in Easingwold who sell a fantastic range of, well, mediterranean luxury foods; pasta, pasta sauces, olive oils, balsamic vinegars (well worth a try!) and so on. 

The guys at Mediterranean Luxury Foods enjoy getting out on the trails too, so thought that feeding the Friday night campers in preparation for the Saturday rides would be a great thing to do. They’re not chefs though, so in reality they’re stumping up the ingredients and Ginni and her team at High Paradise Farm are going to transform them into an amazing meal for you! All free if you are camping* on Friday! (subject to availability…we’re guessing there’ll be about 150 of you wanting food!)

Yes, I really did just say that: it’s a free pasta party on Friday if you’re camping at High Paradise! 

*If you’ve booked one of the cottages or b&b rooms at High Paradise then you’ll also get free pasta.