Duncombe Park Event HQ 2016

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Some things worth noting about Duncombe Park Event HQ.

Firstly – if you are paying on the day (or on the Saturday) at registration we can only deal with CASH. Yes, that’s a bit old fashioned but we like to keep it simple. There is a cash point in Helmsley so there’s no excuses really.

If you are camping then please respect that folk will want to sleep before they go out for their ride. You might be happy riding on 2 hours sleep, but others won’t be. No noise after 11pm.

The field that we are using is used for livestock. It might be mown, but no guarantee. It’s also on a little slope – if you are in a caravan, motorhome then you will need some chocks. If you are in a tent then you might want to think about how you position it to avoid waking up thinking you are heading down a bobsled track…!

As it is a livestock field (they won’t be in the field that night!) please do not use glass, no open fires, and please, please tidy up after yourself. We are providing toilets so please use them. We are hoping to use this venue and repeat the event in the future. Whilst we’re on, do not litter the trail. The only thing you should leave is tyre tracks. Anyone caught littering the beautiful moorland will be eliminated. End of. No discussion, no excuse.

We are limited on the signage that we can place to the Event HQ field. Follow the brown signs for Duncombe Park and keep driving up the long road until you get to the field at the top. That’s us.

We are sorting out a BBQ for the Saturday evening, and of course Kirk’s will be there with their coffee van and light snacks until about 7:30pm. They are back on Sunday morning for that early morning coffee kick before you set out.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!