Doing the Double? #doingthedouble

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Some of you crazy folk have been in touch about entry on the day because you don’t know what your legs’ll be like as you’re riding Kielder 101 on September 3rd. We reckon that if you are nuts enough to do the double, then we’ll back you!

Entry on the day price will be £50 (EOD applies to any entries at registration on Saturday 3rd or Sunday 4th September). But bring your Kielder 101 race plate with you and we’ll give you EOD at £35 – same as the price if you had entered in advance. Can’t say fairer than that.

So, if you boss Kielder 101 and you feel that you can take another ride on Sunday then respect to you. We’ll give you entry on any of the three distances at that price! Whether you are wanting a recovery ride and fancy the Stampede or want to give yourself a real challenge by doing the Outlaw.

So, the all important info:

Entry on the Day – at registration on Saturday 3rd between 5pm and 9pm. Or, from 6:30am on Sunday until 7:00am for the Outlaw, and until 8am for the Stampede and Drive.

We can only take CASH, there is a cashpoint in Helmsley itself. NO CHEQUES and NO CARDS.

See you there!