Registration & Start Times

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Registration for Yorkshire True Grit will open at 5pm on Saturday 3rd September until 9pm. You can pay for your camping at registration £5/night/person. Please bring your passport or driving licence with you to registration, and your kit. We may undertake a kit inspection (see kit list) or this may be randomly done on the route.

On Sunday morning registration will open at 6:30am until 8am. If you are doing The Drive or The Stampede please give those doing The Outlaw priority in the queue as they start before you. Outlaw riders must register by 7am.

Yorkshire True Grit’s, Outlaw pre-event briefing will take place at 7:20am at the start line. The event will start at 7.30am.

The Drive and Stampede pre-event briefing will take place at 8.20am at the start line. These two events will start together at 8:30am.

We will have one water point on the The Drive and The Outlaw and this is at about 20 and 28 miles respectively. Those on The Outlaw will pass this again at around 34 miles. There will also be one marshalled cut-off point as you leave Bransdale Estate to enter the Duncombe Parkland and this will be around 3pm – this will be confirmed and identified to you on the map.

Everyone should be back at Yorkshire True Grit Event HQ for 5pm.